I believe my life’s story, is best told by one of my favorite teachers.  He once took my arm and said, “Jason, your path may not always be easy, it may not even be clear… but you should know for certain, you are on this earth, to be of service.”

I was lucky to hear this at a young age, because though my life has been enriched with many great accomplishments, like becoming valedictorian and interning at UCLA's Arthur Ashe medical center, it has also been filled with many challenges. 

Fortunately, the constant driving force has always been to look for ways to give more and be of greater service.  These days, I am enamored with trying to help people use the roots of their suffering, or diseases, to understand their relationship to the powerful natural forces all around them. This creates a level of awareness which allows back pain to be taught as a way to know gravity, and insomnia may be understood as too little time spent upside down.    

Because the real magic is in being able to see our sickness, pain, and weakness as simply raw materials for the journey towards reaching our greatest potential.  And this has led me to a love of what I call cultivation-based medicine.  Where we focus on practices that help develop the best possibility for longevity.  This has an incredible way of solving complicated syndromes without the fear and helplessness that tend to accompany symptom-based approaches.  And to my greatest delight, patients transform into students, and students transform into teachers. 

I am a board-certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicinal Herbalist in California.  I currently maintain private practices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.  I also do in-home privates, and consultations over the phone and skype.  I’m pretty much willing to meet you wherever you are, as long as you are genuinely open to it.  Because I believe that what we all want for our healthcare, is to know for sure that someone proficient is watching over us.  And that it is not only someone who loves us dearly, but has great technique, and has attained a high level of skill at delivering those techniques.  These are the people I seek out for my own care, and they have become the models for what I strive to be. 



  • Graduated as the Valedictorian with a Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College

  • Acupuncture internship completed at The Arthur Ashe Medical Center at UCLA

  • B.A. from the University of California San Diego

  • Guest lecturer for the University of Pennsylvania

  • Guest lecturer for the Pre Health Honors Society at UCLA

  • Guest lecturer for the Student Health Advisors at UCLA 

  • Medical Qi Gong instructor at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara

  • Yoga instructor at Silverlake Yoga, Jiva Yoga, Bala Yoga, Black Dog Yoga and Yoga Soup